Reflective Racing Checker Decal Kit


Reflective Vinyl Racing Checker Decals.

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Reflective Racing Checker Decal Kits!

These kits are extremely versatile. Popular with Cafe style bikes and helmets, this classic checkered design is extremely efficient at reflecting light at night. When applied to hard bags, trunks and fairings it is especially effective. The broken design reflects light several times over making it appear larger than it is.

For helmets it’s one of our most popular and most versatile kits. The geometric design makes it easy to apply around the curves and contours of your helmet. The Racing Checker decal kit contains six rows or strips. Three rows slanted to the right and three rows slanted to the left. Your paint/helmet color acts as the background or opposing color for the decals.

We use only 3M Industrial Grade Retro Reflective Vinyl for our Racing Checkers. 3M guarantees the adhesion and reflective properties of this material for 7 years. Applied Graphics guarantees your satisfaction no matter what.

Instructions included.

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Weight 0.4 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 8.5 in

Black, White, Red, Yellow