About Us

Wedding on the Bike Applied Graphics was founded in 1998 by a couple of avid motorcycle riders named Marshall and Sheri. Marshall had been riding for over thirty years and was a member of the BMW motorcycle owners association since 1989.

Safety was Marshall’s biggest concern. He had a daughter to raise and he was all she had. If you ride you know what it’s like to simply not be seen by other motorists. It’s scary.  Texting, talking on the phone, exhausted from a long day or week, there are many reasons why people don’t see us. Science has a name for it too,  the phenomena is called saccadic masking. What ever you choose to call it or the person driving the vehicle that almost ended your weekend (or your life) early what it comes down to is NOT being seen. So Marshal’s search for a way to make himself more visible began.

Motorcycle There wasn’t much available online or locally. The “reflective” stickers available at the time weren’t very reflective, just shiny foil really.

After much foot work, phone calls and frustration he decided to just do it himself. This was normal, the guy could do anything. He had an idea, all he needed now was to find the materials.  His search led him to 3M. Applied Graphics was born.

reflective decals red and white helmet.gif Now, many years later Marshal’s daughter (me) has taken the business home to Oregon. The new web site is still under construction and some of our old designs are being reworked or scrapped for new ones. We still offer custom work and the development of a dealer program for bulk ordering and discounted pricing is under way.

We hope you find our products meet your expectations and help make your daily commute, weekend road trip or Sunday ride with the group safer so you can do it again tomorrow.



Keep the shiny side up!

Sarah Berger

Applied Graphics

Medford, OR.





It is important to mention that we have always provided support and sponsorship for motorcycle safety and bicycle safety programs whenever we can. If your group or organization would like to contact us please e mail: contactreflectdecals.com