Saddle Bag Decal Installation Instructions

decal1) Clean your bags.
Wash your saddle bags like you normally would when washing your bike. Clean the area of the bags where you will be applying the decals once with alcohol and twice with Windex brand window cleaner.

2) Cut out the decals.
Cut out all the pieces of the decal set leaving the backing and the overlay sheet intact. Do not remove the backing or the overlay sheets at this time.

step13) Tape the pieces to the saddle bags.
Using some small pieces of tape, tape each of the pieces to the saddle bags, use tape on both the top and the bottom of each piece. You are doing this so you can figure out how they fit on the bags. This is the time to make mistakes in the location of the different pieces so ex-periment with them until you get it right. Once you have all the pieces in their correct locations you will be ready to move on to the final steps.

4) Apply the decals to the saddle bags.
To apply the decals one piece at a time leave the bottom end of the first piece you are apply-ing taped to the bag and fold back approximately one half inch of the backing on the top end of the same piece. Check the alignment of the decals and lightly apply the exposed portion of the adhesive on the top of the piece to the saddle bag. Now, check the alignment of this piece once more. When you are sure the entire piece lines up correctly remove the tape from the bottom of the piece you are working with and lift the piece away from the bag so that you are able pull back on that half inch of backing material you folded back earlier in this process. Pull back about one inch of the backing at a time and smooth out the decals by rubbing on the overlay or top of the decals as you go. Once you have removed all of the backing on the piece you are working on you can then remove the overlay covering, exposing the applied decal. Continue the same process with the remaining pieces of the decal set.

5) Finishing up.
Once you have applied the decals to the saddle bags give them a good hard rub down with a clean soft cloth. This will help to set the adhesive and should be repeated two or more times over the next 48 hours. If you find any small bubbles you can use a pin to poke a small whole in them and then rub them out. Once the decals have been on the saddle bags for 48 hours you can polish your bags and the decals in the same way you have always polished them.

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