Helmet Decals Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have helmet decals for my helmet?
Other than a leather helmet our reflective helmet decal kit will fit virtually any motorcycle helmet made. There are twenty-two precut pieces in each kit. The kit’s design allows a rider to mix and match the arrangement of each piece to conform to the helmet they are being applied to. This allows the rider to create their own design by either leaving some pieces out or placing different pieces next to each other. If a piece is too long you can always shorten it using a sharp pair of scissors. Complete instructions on how to do this are included with each kit.

How do the decals reflect light?
The decals are made in layers. The top layer is a translucent color or clear layer. The second layer is made of small glass like beads or lenses. The third layer is a bright reflective material that reflects light back through the second and top layers. The second layer amplifies or intensifies the reflected light as it passes back through it on its way out to the driver of an approaching vehicle.

How well do the decals adhere to the helmet?
They stick very well to the helmet’s surface. The adhesive used is pressure sensitive. The harder you rub when applying them the more they stick. The instructions included with each kit advise you to only apply light pressure when first applying the decals to give you the opportunity to reposition a piece if necessary. Once all the decals are applied to the helmet you should apply pressure one or two more times to set them in place permanently.

How long do the decals last?
We use vinyl materials that have a five to seven year “exterior” life span when making our decals. Considering the fact that you should replace your helmet at least once every five years the decals should outlast your helmet.

Are the decals removable?
Well that is the sixty-four thousand dollar question isn’t it? I know we’re dating ourselves here, but when first applied the decals can be removed with very little effort. After the decals have been on the helmet for a long period of time, say several months it will depend on the surface of your helmet. Some painted helmets with a clear coat on them will not give up the decals easily. We use a product named LiftOff┬«, available at most ACE┬« hardware stores to remove any adhesive residue left behind after removing the decals.

Why would we remove the decals on a helmet? Why?
Well to change the design of course!